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Trainer of NLP, Life Coaching, & Clinical Hypnotherapy

Paul Kelly

About Paul



Eco Therapy

Enhancing your competitive edge

Performance Coaching

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Eco Therapy

Enhancing your competitive edge

Performance Coaching

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Awareness is the dawn of change

We all need some coaching from time to time and thats ok.

Coaching is development, thats to aid you in reaching your goals, or maybe even realising and setting them.

Our purpose is to assist you in making the changes in life, that you are looking for, whether that be personal or career.

Mission statement

No one is broken, just may be slightly out of balance.

By raising awareness of this then we may no longer be prepared to settle for the way we think we are but allow ourselves to grow into the light,

We may not be aware; but have choices and with the right focus of direction we are capable of so much more than we know!  You probably are aware of some of the changes you wish to make and probably have all the resources you need to make the changes you want – you are just not sure where to start.

We aspire to assist individuals and groups to help you understand the behaviours/ barriers to achieving lasting change.

In a life full of ups and downs it’s about finding balance.

Our Mission is to:

aid you in finding lifes balance, and for you to live the life you want.


To create a brand and company that works with people to facilitate life enhancing experiences and changes that are synoptic with Quality Coaching and Training that is based in best practice, with up to date thinking and methodologies across the Highlands and wider Scotland.


The impossible is only a belief and change is possible.

We will look to:

create authentic connections

create individualised goals and programmes with clarity and simplicity

work with integrity

Client Commitment


We will:

  • be respectful and value you as a unique individualised person.
  • work to recognised professional standards, whilst keeping our skills and knowledge up to date.
  • agree with you on how we will work together, whilst rigorously protecting your confidentiality and privacy.
  • primarily focus on you throughout the time we are working together in session.
  • communicate any benefits, costs, and commitments that clients may reasonably expect.
  • respect the boundaries between our work with clients and what lies outside that work.
  • be honest about the work and expectations.
  • communicating our qualifications, experience and working methods accurately.
  • working ethically and with careful consideration of how we fulfil our legal obligations.
  • willing to discuss with clients openly and honestly any known risks involved in the work and how best to work towards our clients’ desired outcomes.
  • work with professionalism and dignity and be non-judgemental.