About how we work
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NLP, Life Coach, & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Paul Kelly

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We will work with you, using a variety of modalities and technigues to create a programme that is your best fit.  We will asssit you in identifying the root cause of your issues, any blocks you may have, identify what you would like to achieve, ie your goals and work out a path that will lead you to these.  The following outlines some of the areas we may look at in order to assist you in finding lifes balance and living the way you wish.

The Autopilot

From the day we were born we have been learning how to do everything that we forgot we didnt know how to do it!  When did you last think about tasks such as brushing your teeth, getting dressed, talking, walking, making a cup of tea or coffee, possibly riding a bike or driving a car and the list goes on.

The activites, thoughts and behaviours we do regularly, repeatidly and frequantly – the brain recognises as our habits.  We can form them without us even realisng we do it, they just seem to happen!!

Now some habits are very useful and others not so much!!

One of the areas we will work with you is to help you understand your habits, how they may have formed, how to turn off the autopilot allow you to take control and reform the habits you wish to have.


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