Eco Therapy – Blending Wellbeing and Outdoor Activities in Nature
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Trainer of NLP, Life Coaching, & Clinical Hypnotherapy

Paul Kelly

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Eco Therapy

Enhancing your competitive edge

Performance Coaching

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Eco Therapy

Enhancing your competitive edge

Performance Coaching

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Eco Therapy


Ecotherapy involves a wide range of treatments aimed to improve mental and physical well-being through outdoor activities in nature. The results of ecotherapy include many health benefits that come from connecting with nature.


Being out in nature also gives our brains a break from the non-stop mental stimulation we experience with technology. As a result of this break in nature, our brains can restore depleted attention circuits, helping to improve creative thinking, problem-solving, and mental well-being.



  • Reduces stress
  • Improves physical health
  • Improves mental health
  • Builds confidence
  • Develops your social life
  • Strengthens your connection with nature
  • Helps you practise mindfulness
  • Helps you become a happier and kinder person
  • Boosts creativity
  • Improves productivity


For a large part of my life the outdoors has been my office and the benefits of this are well documented. Not only am I an experienced Evolution Coach but I also have a strong background in Outdoor Education and Adventure.  I have worked and lectured in the Outdoor Education and Adventure field, as well as led groups from all stages and walks of life, both within the UK and around the World.  I hold qualifications in Biking, Canoeing, Sea Kayaking, Kayaking, Walking and Hiking. As well as being a Guide.  This has meant that adapting to the benefits of Ecotherapy was an obvious one for myself.

As a qualified and insured Outdoor Practitioner sessions may vary from undertaking some gentle walks in the woods or along the Lochside, by the river or for the more adventurous up a hill or mountain.  We can get out on the water in canoes, sea kayaks or stand up paddleboards or into it for some wild swimming or gently glide along on bikes.

Using the power of the Outdoors and a variety of modalities we can work on all Wellbeing areas whether you are looking to make changes in Relationships or wish to loo at Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss, Suicidal Thoughts to name but a few. Giving you the toolbox to make long lasting change.

If you look up Ecotherapy you often see it mentioned as the new therapy approach or a buzz word – however the truth is Ecotherapy has been around for a lot longer than most recognised conventional therapies.

Although Ecotherapy can be experienced in a variety of forms we specialise in utilising outdoor areas away from the crowds, towns, and cities.



One to One or Group Sessions are either a half day, full day or over multiple days.

Sessions are tailored for the individual or group.

One to One Eco Therapy Session

This is fully tailored to what you wish to achieve.  A pre-session call or zoom conversation will be held to gather some information and identify what it is you are looking to make changes with.


Once we are outside the Sessions will comprise of really enjoying the activity and experiencing the joys of being outdoors – from the birds and wildlife to the trees and plants and weaved into this I will work with you using the modality processes that best fit your requirements.


Group Eco Therapy Session

Are fantastic experiences for a group of friends who wish to explore greater relaxation, mindfulness and to just de- stress from day to day life.


Group Sessions will have key themes running through them, but they will be generalised compared to the One to One session which are fully personalised.


Open Sessions

Will be run at various times and are idea for those that want to share their experience with new friends.



Sessions currently take place in Lochaber, Perthshire, Loch Lomond & Arrochar and the Cairngorms.


Each of the above Geographical areas have something very special to offer which introduces different essences to the Session. Other areas around Scotland can be visited if they have a special meaning to you.


Watch out for up coming workshops or contact us to arrange your own experience.



Being in nature helps to reduce stress while increasing our positive attitudes and positive thinking and even our productivity levels.  As we garden, walk, run, bike or paddle we are constantly being exposed to and observing the different colours, textures and smells in the air, the flora and fauna, birds and insects.  We are noticing the different seasons and all the changes they bring.  The earth and trees release feel good smells allowing us to develop a positive attitude.


Nature is best enjoyed on foot or with a paddle. The physical activity of walking, hiking, paddling, and moving through nature reduces anxiety, depression, and the risk of disease while improving psychological well-being.

Physical activity outdoors is more rewarding than exercise indoors. A trek through nature lets you physically explore and also explore your own thoughts and feelings in the calm silence of nature.