12 Keys to Unlocking your Potential
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12 Keys to Unlock Your Potential


Can you afford to not?

Do you want to be doing the same what, how and where this time next year?

Or do you dare ask what if!!

Where do I want to be?

Who do I want to be with?

How do I get there?

Consider – December 1st 2022 I see myself doing the same stuff as last year, feeling that same old way, hear the hum drum of life ticking by…

Or what if

December 1st 2022 I am feeling excited, with a fire in my belly, seeing the lightbulbs all glowing and hearing the sound of possibilities chiming for 2023!!

Consider this:

You go see the doctor to keep you body healthy if its not functioning as you wish it did!

You go see the dentist to keep your teeth healthy and that smile white and complete!

You go see the Physical Trainer and run, or cycle, or go to gym class, or pump weights in the gym – to keep you body in shape!

You see the Dietitian to eat a healthy dietto keep your body functioning they way you want!

Who do you see to understand your behaviours and make change happen??

Because like everything else it doesnt just happen!!!!!

So Why Not?

What we are offering:

Initial Consultation Call (20-30 min)


Our coaching package and your individualised programme will be devised after our first consultation session, and we have defined the path you wish to take and what you are looking to develop on your journey.

We want to check that this is the correct process for you.  We are not focused on numbers or quantity but ensuring that this is right for you and you will get what it is you want to achieve.  We will run you through your intake questionaire and discuss the programme with you to ensure this is the best fit for you!!

Personality Discovery Diagnostic

The programme begins, by exploring how you tick, understanding where you are starting from.  Taking a reality check on the starting point and raising awareness of how you work – this will create the foundation for you to build on and understand how to structure focus and thinking to allow you to achieve the changes and goals you set yourself.

12 Months of Group Coaching Calls (90 MIn)

12 In-Depth One to One Coaching Sessions (60-90min)

This is where we will work with you individually on the core change you wish to achive and identify the key obstacle(s), challenge(s) issue(s)or problem(s) that’s holding you back from getting what you want or keeping you stuck and behaving the same way as you have always done.  These sessions will folow the 12 keys but we will be able to set the tasks for you to work on and incorporate appropriate process work into the sessions as well.

Monthly Accountabiltiy Work

Each month you will be set challenges and aspects to work on and these will be associated to the monthly Key.

There will be a variety of practices, worksheets, journals and tasks for you to complete which will support the monthly focus, your personal goal journal and install these new changes you are looking for.

12 x Online Coaching Support Modules


Online Coaching Modules offer a chance to consolidate some of the coaching of the 12 Keys programme.

 The things in life that we so often overlook can create meaningful impacts on how we look at ourselves, how we feel, how we interact with others and how we move ourselves forward.

Continous Support

In addition to the:

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

Monthly One to One Sessions

Monthly Online Support Modules

Monthly Accountability Work


You will also have access to our cohort Slack Group – here you can ask questions within the group or directed questions to the coaches either via text or voice so you have someone in your corner contionuesly during the programme.

Here we will also be posting different challenges, inspirational quotes and bonus material.

Additional Bonus


In addition to the core programme content you will  have access to:


  • Mindful Exercises and Recorded Scripts
  • Guided Relaxation Recordings
  • Breathing Practices
  • Well being information
  •  Journal Prompts
  • Exclusive Disocunts

Early Bird Offer -Closes 21st November*

Pay Package in Full

Investment: £2000

*After 21st November price will be £3000

Early Bird Offer – Closes 21st November*


Investment:  Monthly Subscription £218

*After 21st November price will be £318 a month

Book a 20-minute consultation to decide if this is the right option for you.