Reboot 3 Month Programme
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Reboot Programme

Why a package?

Occasssionaly when our computers, phones, tablets, gaming consoles etc but we never get a message to update our internal softwear.  Our packages are designed to help you reset, reboot, update, upgrade or even dowload and reinstall new ways of lookig at things.  Depending on the area you are looking to work on and what you wish to acheive then we have a package to help and assist you in doing this.


By choosing to work within a package you gain extra support as opposed to standard 1 to 1 sessions.  This is because you are making  a commitment to a period of time to improve and develop yourself.  Due to this there is enhanced support for the duration of the programme and accountability, which greatly improves motivation, focus and determination to get the changes you are looking for.  Just as you might engage a personal trainer for your body our packages are like personal trainers for your mind, and holistic health.

 Reboot –  needing just that little bit more to put things back on track!

This focused package assists you in shifting an identifiable behaviour  you would like to change or a achieve a clear short term goal.

Predominatley for Wellbeing and Performance Sevices.

What we are offering:

Initil Consultation Session (90 – 120 min)

Our coaching sessions and your individualised programme will be divised after our first consultation sessions, when we have defined the path you wish to take and what you are looking to develop on your journey.  Depending on the changes or goal you are looking tp make, this may also include a pre-diary(can be up to 14 days) so we can capture some information to better inform us of where we are starting from.

After this session before we continue with mutual agreement we will decide and confirm the goals you are looking to achieve so we can measure your progress on the journey.

4 x 75 – 90  minute indepth coaching sessions.

This is where we work on the core issues and identify the key obstacle(s), challenge(s) issue(s)or problem(s) that’s holding you back from getting what they want or keeping you stuck and behaving the same way as you have always done.  From these sessions we will be able to set the tasks for you to work on and incorporate appropriate process work into the sessions as well.

The Reboot programme is ideal for clients who  have a very clearly idenified core issue or set time goal they would like to change or work on.

4 x Online Coaching Modules

Online Coaching Modules offer a chance to consolodate some of the coaching we may have covered in our sessions or will cover our grow programme. This is areas to focus on such as breathing, language, sleep, mindset, self leadership, confidence, goal setting, motivation. If its a focused plan such as smoking then the modules will reflect this.  The things in life that we so often overlook but can create meaningful impacts in how we look at ourselves, how we feel, how we interact with others and how we move ourselves forward.


Following each session, you will receive a follow up email summarising the session and identifying the tasks or work that you have to practice, things to work on stopping and what you may want to look at starting to do.

You will also receive a couple of messages during the week to check in and give words of encouragement and motivation.

You will also have access to communicate with us during the length of the programme so you can check in on anything you wish to ask or check some of the tasks.

Additional bonus

In addition to the core programme content you will  have access to

Mindful Exercises and Recorded Scripts

Guided Relaxation Recordings

Breathing Practices

Well being information

 Journal Prompts

Full Online Package


Will be £440

Introductory offer: £440 – 10% = £396

Launch Special:  Only until March £296

Face to Face Sessions with

Online Support


Will be £500

Introductory offer: £500 – 10% = £450

Launch Special:  Only until March £350*

*Limited avilabilty geographically at present due to covid