Programme Explanations
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NLP, Life Coach, & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Paul Kelly

About Paul



Eco Therapy

Enhancing your competitive edge

Performance Coaching

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Eco Therapy

Enhancing your competitive edge

Performance Coaching

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Coaching Programmes

A 6 week programme, designed to get you up and running and tweak any small aspects that you would like to change.



The programme consists of:



1 –  60 – 90 minute consultation, to get to know each other and identify the areas you would like to work on


2 – 90 minute coaching sessions


2 – Follow up emails post sessions, recapping on what was covered and the focus of your exercises.  Electronic downloads of worksheets and excersises.


2 – On- line coaching development modules to work on in between face to face sessions.


2 – Personalised emails per week of propgramme with coaching tips to keep you on track


Access to guided visualisation downloads, mindfulness recordings and relaxation exersises for the duration of the programme and extended period afterwards.


Support communication during the proramme and for an extended period afterward.


Online sessions are run via Zoom, you will gain access to our online coaching academy, recieve emails direct to your inbox and support communication via Slack.


This equates to around 4 -5 hours of online sessios, 60 – 90 minutes of online material, 3 personalised session follow up emails, around 12 personalised coaching emails, electronic worksheets and exercises, ongoing support via Slack and access to the bonus relaxation material.


Valued at: £360


Investment: £220

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Over the years I have worked with Actors and Singers in assisting them with varying aspects of the performances.

This may be for:

  • Performance anxiety
  • Auditions
  • Self-regulation
  • Focus
  • Concentration
  • Performance recovery strategies
  • Wellness maintenance
  • Breathing improvement
  • Motivation
  • Visualisation

One to One sessions are available or group workshops can be arranged.


Career coaching can be highly valuable at any time in your professional life.

I have worked in the commercial, charity and public sectors to senior management positions, responsible for building and leading teams, overseeing large projects and programmes,  management development, coaching and succession planning.


This experience along with formal training and qualification gives me a great insight into career performance coaching.


Wither you are  working out what you want to do when starting out, changing direction or refocusing.  This can be challenging on your own, due to your learned perspectives potentially tripping you up.


In this situation we would look and focus on things like goal setting with a grow model, values, beliefs, prioritisation and then enabling tools such as focus builders, motivation and visualisation techniques.


Career coaching can also be related as career performance, where there may be aspects you wish to improve such as leadership, staff interactions, communications, presentations, delegation, confidence, promotion preparation and  interviews to name but a few.


Get in touch in you have any questions in regards to how I can help you.

Relationships are complex things and have to be worked at.

As soon as you enter into a relationship you are no longer the only one involved.  If you compare a relationship to flowers.  A bunch of flowers out of the florist looks amazing, all pretty, organised, smells good, dressed up and exciting to give and receive.  However no matter how much you care for that bunch of flowers it will not last!

A pot plant however, can also look amazing,  pretty, organised, smell good, dressed up and exciting to give and receive but it to will have days when it looks worse for wear, not very good.  The difference is with a pot plant you can do something about it.

By understanding the needs of the plant you can care for it.  It needs watering, feeding, the right conditions, occasional repotting as it grows and nurturing.

In doing this the pot plant can last for years and years, but it takes effort.


All to often in relationships we like the pretty early stages but we don’t understand how to get over the difficult periods.

Working with relationships can be with the you as an individual looking at a variety of areas in your life, so you better understand who you are, what it is you want and create a plan in how to achieve these things.  Areas such as communication, prioritisation, self care, future planning, perspective and acceptance are all key for this.

Alternatively it can be as a couple working through things together.  Possibly focusing on a certain aspect of your relationship, but with a coach to pose and ask questions to assist you both in looking at the situation from a different perspective and nurturing understanding from both partiers perspective.


If there is anything you would like to find out more about then please drop me a line or book a free 20 minute consultation.