Valentine Mindfulness Self Care
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Valentine Mindful Self Care

The term self-care is used a lot these days, but what does it really mean?

Why are we told to put your oxygen masks on first in a plane, or not rush into an emergency before we have assessed it??   The reason is if we do not look after ourselves then we cannot look after any other loved ones  –  achieve our goals –  progress at work  –  be as healthy as we would like to be.

So, what is self-care?

Self-care is the practice of consciously doing things that preserve or improve your mental or physical health.  These days, when people talk about self-care they are generally talking about the conscious and deliberate choice to do something that improves their wellbeing.

Working on your self-care covers both the mental and the physical, and a regime of self-care can improve the way you feel in body and mind.

It has been proven that a great way to improve your self-care by reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue is to engage in more walking and mindfulness along with breathing exercises.

What we are offering:

With Valentines just around the corner –  what better time to offer a little package of self-care and love.

An opportunity to be part of a community during a time when we are told to be socially distanced, offering a supportive environment, accountability to help you complete 14 days and to share and learn from each other.  Participating with others helps increase the feel good hormones within the body, improve your well-being and general health, and can strengthen your immune system.

Although an option – there is no required commitment to share, it is only if you wish via the online portal.  You can participate on your own if that is more comfortable for you and see what the others are posting, which can still be vastly beneficial.

14 Mindful Meditations (20 – 30 min)

One every day live, also recorded for you to access at any time.

14 Mindful Exercises – 14 Journal Prompts – 14 Affirmations

One of each sent to your inbox daily to help assist you in building Mindful practice.

Breathing and Mindfulness Challenges

Forum interaction to participate as part of a community and increase accountability to help support you maintain your daily practice.

All for just £14